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Meme time

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Saw this meme/questionnaire on another website and thought it would be great to share with my LJFs etc.
It would be so wonderful if each of you would participate and share on your LJ.  I'll answer in the comments...

  • Best advice you have ever received:

  • An adventure you are wanting to take:

  • The time your alarm is set for:

  • Favorite room in your house:

  • Truth or dare:

  • Super-power you'd want for the day:

  • Where or when were you the happiest:

  • First three things you do when you wake up:

  • Favorite sound:

  • Best meal you have eaten:

  • Favorite teacher:

  • Your hero:

  • Cause closest to your heart:

  • Favorite name/nickname:

  • Name of your autobiography:

  • Funniest person you know:

  • Best gift you have received:

  • Vice you will never give up:

  • What age did you feel grown up:

  • Who would play you in a movie about you:

  • How old would you be if you didn't know your age:


Almst Posts


It's SNOWING today!  No accumulation, just being flakey, but still - SNOW! 

I HAVE DECIDED ON THE PERFECT GIFT FOR MY MOTHER.  Ya know how much I love to move her knick-knacks around?  Well... I found a shop that sells miniatures (mostly for dollhouses and train sets) and picked up several things.  Now, instead of moving things, or hiding things, I'm going to ADD STUFF TO HER scenes!  I'm so excited!  MWAHAHA. 

For no apparent reason, Miss K and I are both wearing berets as we watch tv.  We feel all sassy and stuff. 

He GETS me.

I just handed Michael a melted ice pack and asked, "Could I have a bag of cold, please?" The look on his face was awesome.

2 More Days!! (Gallbladder, continued)

The drain-thingy gets pulled out Thursday morning - can't wait for the tube and bulb to be gone, but not looking forward to the process of getting it pulled out.  Prayers/thoughts that goes smoothly.

I've been healing up pretty well. Early on, things like getting up or sitting down were painful and straightening up all the way was searing, but doable. Then it got easier, and after a week I could get around without thinking much about it... until yesterday.  I was getting up from the chair and felt something like a rip underneath my bellybutton.  Like - internally behind the navel, and a couple inches towards the right (toward where the drain tube goes into my belly). Hurt so sharply that I doubled over.  Scared me to death!  Any kind of move brought it back - all afternoon, evening, and more again this morning. I started digging around on the interwebz and found that it's not terribly unusual for someone who has had the laparoscopic procedure.  They do an inch or so incision into the navel and use that as an access point for camera, or gas tube, or whatever else they shove in there (RotoRooter?)  So the outside appearance is a simple line, which looks neat and tidy and nearly healed - but who knows what all they did inside there. 

I know a couple of my readers here have also had their gallbladders removed - do you recall going through something like this?  It's eased a bit, and I'm not seeing any redness, extra swelling, and I'm not running a fever.  Two of the other incisions have healed over nicely, the navel is close, and the upper one (where they removed the gb, I believe) has another week or so to go. Overall, still pretty quick compared to that c-section I had 11.5 yrs ago! 

MY theory is that my surgeon was a smart-alec and moved around a bunch of my organs while he was in there, just to confuse the heck out of the next person who does a sonagram on me.  Or maybe he stuck some spare parts in there just for fun. He just looks like the type to do that. Gotta keep an eye on these guys. 

On the mend

I had my gallbladder removed Friday. We went in at 6 am, surgery started around 7:30, and I was home by 1:00 something.  Like when I had my c-section, my blood pressure went berserk afterwards .. 200 over 112, was the last number I saw. They finally got that down under control and released me to go home. 

My caretakers are quite adorable. Katie fixed me a plate of fruits and a cup of yogurt, and keeps my glass of ice full.  Michael takes care of bigger meals and had to help me up and down for a bit.  Pain is .. meh.  It doesn't feel like the pain meds are doing all that much, but I'm not about to try going without in case it does get worse.  I'm sleeping in the recliner, since being flat created tremendous pain. This gives the kitties ample opportunity to clambor around on me. I need a suit of armor, I think, to protect myself!  

More details, should they be of interest: They found 3 gigantic stones (their word) - 1 cm each, and a blocked bile duct.  I have 4 incisions in my abdomen and a drainage port.  I'm ready for that to go away. The first day , the worst pain I've ever experienced (including labor) was simply gas. During the surgery, they inject air into your body to improve their vision, and there's just no good way to get rid of it. It's not in the digestive tract, so burping/gas-x doesn't really help. I was shaking and crying, it hurt so bad and I just didn't know what to do. 

Day 2, yesterday, was a bit better, and today, a smidgeon better than that. I see why they suggest 1 maybe 2 weeks. It's not as trivial as the surgeon made it sound up front. Oh well. Nothing to do now but heal, I'm doing a lot of resting, which is sounded pretty good right now, if Mr Frodo will stop leaping onto this one incision point.  Oy.  Kittehs are so very helpful :) 

On a lighter note

I am quite fond of Kevin Smith's show "Comic Book Men" on AMC. It's basically about 3 geeky friends of Kev (plus 1) and their comic book store "Secret Stash". K said its like Pawn Stars but with comics and toys. They're half adorable/half annoying and for some reason, I love it. I think it's on between Walking Dead shows on Sundays. Give it a spin!

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My baby...


How I still see her, sometimes...


How are ya?

It's been awhile since we just sat and chatted...   How are you doing?  Feeling well?  Have you had moments recently that have given you great joy or peace of mind?  I certainly hope so.  If you're struggling at the moment, then I hope happier days are just around the bend. 


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